A.A.C.T.P ——全球首家专注培训师系列认证的权威机构


AACTP(American Association for the Certification of Training Program)美国培训认证协会,是全球最早专注于培训师系列认证的机构。注册于美国加利福尼亚州。





About Us


Registered in California, United States, AACTP is the first organization in the world that focuses on training the trainers.

AACTP consultants are experts in evaluating and identifying the ability and capabilityof trainers. The Committee members of AACTP are professors of universities such as University of Southern California and Stanford University, or expertsresearch and work with corporationsworldwide, such as United Nations, NASA,IBM,Kennedy Space Center

AACTP provide certificate trainers program in China since 2004


联系电话:400-830-2286 AACTP英文官方网站:www.aactp.org粤ICP备09006183号-12
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